Adding administrator
How to add administrator account

During the installation of Starfish Monitor you'll be asked for email and password of the first user.

Starfish Monitor installer - create administrator

If you forget these credentials, you'll need to add new account using Starfish Monitor command line.

If you have access to Starfish Monitor Web Portal you can mange existing add new users easily via web interface, no need to use command-line interface.

Steps to create new account using command line

  • Use remote desctop to connect to your Starfish Monitor server
  • Run cmd.exe in administrator mode
  • Go to Starfish Monitor installation folder. By default Starfish Monitor is installed in
    "C:\Program Files\​Starfish.Monitor\​Starfish.Monitor\​{latest version e.g.'1.0.16249.1802'}\"
    Please make sure you select the most recent version created by autoupdate.
  • Run the following command:
    "Starfish.Mmonitor.Service.exe -CreateAdmin Pa$$w)rd"
  • "Success." message should be displayed.

No action will be taken if specified user already exist.
You'll need to create adminstrator with different email, if you forgot the password, and use that new account to delete the one you are no longer able to use.