SMTP server configuration
How to configure your SMTP server access

To receive email alerts generated by Starfish Monitor, you'll need to configure your SMTP server access. To do that go to Settings - Smtp tab within the Starfish Monitor Web Portal.


Your email server address.

Server port

Your email server port.

If not set, default values are used: port 587 for non encrypted connection and 465 for secure connection.

Some email servers require you to use port 25 for email submission.


Specifies if implicit SSL/TLS should be used. If true, port 465 is used by default, if false port 587 is used.


Specifies if explicit SSL/TLS, sometimes called STARTTLS should be used

Requires authentication

Specifies if your SMTP server requires auhentication.


Specifies the username that should be used for auhentication.


Specifies the user's password used for auhentication.

From address

Specifies from address of email alerts sent by Starfish Monitor, usually this should be same as the User setting e.g.